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Volume 5 Issue 12 December 2012 e-News
e-News December 2012

About Us


The Ghana Registered Nurses' Association (GRNA) is a Professional Association for all categories of Nurses in Ghana. The Association was founded in March 1960 as a result of a meager of two professional nursing Associations the Qualified Nurses Association headed by Mr. Mettle Nunoo and the State Registered Nurses Association led by Doctor Docial Kissieh with the mission to provide a central organization at would advance the interest of the nursing profession in Ghana and internationally.


The purpose of the merger was to represent nurses and midwives in Ghana as a Unified body. As a result of the meager Doctor Docia Kissieh became the first president and Mr. Mettle Nunoo became the first general secretary. It is a Professional Association independent and non-partisan in nature. The GRNA is the exclusive mouthpiece for all nurses in matters that affecting them.


The association became a union on 4th July, 2005 under section 84 of the Labour ACT 2003 (ACT651) with branches all over the country . The motto of GRNA is “UNITY IS STRENGTH”.



Membership of GRNA is open to all nurses/midwives in Ghana registered or enrolled by the Nurses and Midwives Council of Ghana. Membership is acquired and maintained through registration and payment of monthly and other dues instituted by the GRNA. There shall be life members of the Association, which shall be opened to retired, or disabled and maimed nurses who can never return to active service; upon payment of prescribed fee.



The organization structure of the Association is positioned to facilitate communication and implementation of policies.

Local Branches: They are the unit structure of the Association and exist in all health care facilities in Ghana.

District Branches: Are established in all districts as the decentralized functional areas of the GRNA.

Regional Branches: Super vise the decentralized areas and link them up to the national secretariat.


National Executive Committee(NEC): The NEC nine in number elected quadrennially, headed by the president of the GRNA with executive power to implement policies and decisions taken by the by the National Council and National Delegates' Conference.

The National Council: The National Council constituted by the National Executive and Regional Chairpersons and Secretaries meet quarterly to formulate policies and other products of the GRNA.

The National Delegates Conference: This is the highest body of the Association and this is held biennially to discuss issues that affect the Association.



As enshrined in the Association constitution, the functions of the GRNA are as follows:

  1. Bring all practicing nurses/midwives in Ghana under a unified body
  2. Advance the interest of the nursing / midwifery profession
  3. Promote a better understanding and dignity of the profession
  4. Maintain the honour and independence of the profession with special reference to professional standard, conduct, discipline and etiquette.
  5. Promote nursing/midwifery research
  6. Affiliate and promote good relations with the International Council of Nurses Commonwealth Nurses Federation, International confederation of Midwives and similar organization of Nurses in other countries.
  7. Promote and support law reforms on matters affecting the nursing/midwifery profession.




1. Maintaining and improving Nursing/Midwifery Standard

2. Promoting the socio-economic welfare of Ghanaian Nurses/Midwifes

3. Promoting nursing/midwifery education and research.

4. Seeking partnership with government and other stakeholders to promote industrial Peace to enhance productivity.

5. Collaborate with other trade union organization nationally and internationally.



The Association has standing committees and adhoc committees during conference and congresses.

Some of the committees are:


  • Finance
  • Education and Research
  • Socio-economic welfare
  • Building
  • Editorial
  • Constitution Review
  • Resolution and communiqué
  • Evaluation




Under the umbrella of Ghana Registered Nurses Association are the following groupings:


  • The Nurse Educators Group
  • General Nurses Group
  • Public Health Nurses Group
  • Mental Health Nurses Group
  • Community/Enrolled Nurses Group
  • Pen-Operative and Critical Nursing Group
  • Ophthalmic Nursing Group
  • Psychiatric Nursing Group
  • Government Registered Midwives Group



The GRNA is recognized as an important body in nursing worldwide. It is a member of good standing in the following international nursing organizations:


  • International Council of Nurses (ICN) since 1961
  • Commonwealth Nurses Federation (CNF)
  • Public Services International


The GRNA advises and support professional Nurse Association of Sister African Countries.